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Komax Systems, Inc. - The World Leader In Static Mixer Engineering
Founded in 1973 and now with over 300 years of collective experience Komax Systems, Inc is the standard in providing static mixing, heating, and desuperheating solutions.

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Komax Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1973 and now with over 300 years of collective experience Komax Systems, Inc is the standard in providing static mixing, heating, and desuperheating solutions.

Over the past 37 years we have continuously exceeded our clients’ desuperheating requirements and expectations. Komax Systems, Inc has over 300 years of collective experience and has over one hundred thousand application installations worldwide. Komax patented desuperheaters provide lower equipment cost, lower installation cost, lower energy requirement, zero maintenance and a long life (25 years +).

At Komax Systems, Inc we incorporate static mixing technology into all our products and by paying careful attention to all the details of a given application we truly live up to our motto “mixing by design”. In desuperheating gas, Komax Systems, Inc employs several groundbreaking technologies which increase the contact coefficient between the superheated gas and the liquid coolant while minimizing the distance needed to effectively desuperheat the gas. This improved contact coefficient increases the atomization of liquid droplets to desuperheat the steam resulting in homogenous temperature output. Our patented Komax Desuperheater will exceed your expectations by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your desuperheating application at a price you can afford.
Desuperheater Technology
Most desuperheaters on the market utilize a downstream injection nozzle and a long length of pipe to complete the atomization process to reduce the temperature of their superheated steam. Even after the purchase and installation of the required downstream pipeline some desuperheaters require the further installation of a “mixing elbow” prior to the temperature probe. Typical desuperheaters in the market today require this extra piping due to their poor design. Injecting water downstream into superheated steam traveling at 60 mph or more forces the droplets into a “rope” resulting in a small surface area and a low contacting efficiency. Just imagine dumping a glass of water out of your car window while on traveling at 60 mph or more. This small surface area and low contacting efficiency requires a much longer atomization time to effectively desuperheat the steam and so long lengths of downstream pipe are required.
Komax Desuperheater Technology
Our Komax patented desuperheater design requires little or no downstream pipe, no “mixing elbow” to gage the temperature, and will out-perform any other desuperheater on the market. By addressing the question of how we introduced water into superheated steam we concluded that a downstream oriented injection nozzle does not offer the highest levels of contacting efficiency. The Komax designed desuperheater orients the injection nozzle facing upstream to create a plume as the flow of the steam forces the liquid back downstream. In order to increase the contact efficiency and decrease the pipe length required for liquid atomization Komax decided to incorporate our static mixing technology into our desuperheater. Our desuperheating research and theory ultimately yielded the Komax Equalizer Mixing Module now incorporated in every Komax desuperheater. The Equalizer module utilizes an upstream facing injection nozzle which plumes the liquid back downstream onto a cone effectively distributing the liquid into 6 multi-parallel contacting chambers where the desuperheating process is completed. Our patented desuperheaters require only their own length to complete the desuperheating process and employ no moving parts. Employing superior technology in our desuperheater designs allows for a greater efficiency both in homogenized output and the length required for completing the desuperheating process.
Green Technology
The Komax patented desuperheaters offer the maximum amount of green technology savings. Without any moving parts our desuperheaters require no energy and or maintenance. With improved technology and short desuperheating length the Komax desuperheater keeps installation costs low, where they should be. Recently ISO9001:2008 certified Komax Systems, Inc. offers reliable effective solutions you can count on. Contact one of our application specialists today to see how we can exceed your expectations tomorrow.